Hotmelt Adhesives

and dispensing equipment

And maintenance

Each machine we supply has full technical support from the very beginning.

Turn key

Our technical department with carefully selected, customer oriented specialists is at your disposal 24/7. Whether you need a new bottle design, adjustment of your system to a new product, optimization of the production process, maintenance program, or training we do have a response to all your needs.

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About DynamicHT
Dynamic HT specializes in the area of hot melt adhesives and machines for their application.

To complete our offer in this area, we offer also maintenance services and technical advice on application methods. Our staff has many years of experience in servicing of equipment brands such as Nordson®, Valco Melton® or Robatech®

We offer:

• Hotmelt adhesives: EVA, PO, PSA, PUR, PA, PE, EVA
• Dispersion Adhesives
• Multi component foams and adhesives
• Adhesives and sealants systems
• Spare parts: nozzles, modules, hoses, pumps, filters

Machine H&H

German company H&H Maschinenbau GmbH has over 40 years experience in developing and manufacturing adhesive application and pre-melt systems. H&H adhesive technology is used worldwide. H&H is your reliable, innovative partner for the application of...

Personal Machine

DynaPro series are individually developed machines for any industry:   Packaging Woodworking Automotive Product Assembly Others. Our machines utilize latest technologies, robotic solutions and best European components. Thanks to years of our and our partners...

Machine Lacom

LACOM is worldwide known for its excellent laminating and coating machines. We work together with high quality partners, who share our standard of quality and guarantee full functionality of our machines. Our tailor made machine systems offer you the maximum out of...

Adhesives Melters

Our offer includes only proven adhesive melters made according to the highest standards and norms. Professional products such as ITW Dynatec guarantee reliability and applicability in various types of applications. It is worth adding that all adhesive melters...

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