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German company H&H Maschinenbau GmbH has over 40 years experience in developing and manufacturing adhesive application and pre-melt systems. H&H adhesive technology is used worldwide. H&H is your reliable, innovative partner for the application of adhesives and other substances.

Roller application systems for PUR/POR adhesives

Roller application machines for thermoplastic hot-melt adhesives and PUR/POR adhesives form the main focus of our product range. We supply standard machines with application rollers between 25 and 2,500 mm wide and special machines with larger application widths.

Machine H&H

In machines with scraper technology for processing PUR/POR adhesives, the melting tank and the application element form a fully enclosed unit, thus ensuring that the adhesive does not come into contact with moisture in the ambient air.

We are able to pressurise the enclosed system with nitrogen, dry air or shielding gas, thus creating a minimum high pressure which keeps out atmospheric air. This system saves both costs and work for our clients as the PUR/POR adhesive may remain inside the melt tank during breaks in production or even over weekends.

The application roller may also be heated, thus providing a precise, constant temperature while the adhesive is being applied. A heated application roller can also be used. A lower temperature is then required for the adhesive, thus reducing the thermal load on the adhesive.

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