Glue Applicators

Delta FxTM applicators can help reduce down time, improve productivity and increase floor space in the laminating station. Delta FxTM has direct glue paths which eliminate blind and inactive adhesive passages.


Continuously apply adhesives including PSA, APAO, and Reactive Hot Melts.


Quick-change pattern width(s) by adjusting distance between head and substrate.


Single nozzle permits a range of pattern widths up to 12“ (adhesive dependent).

Delta FxTM Fiberized Spray Applicator

DeltaFxTM fiberized spray applicators provide exceptional value and flexibility for wide adhesive lamination. Using ITW Dynatec patented Laminated Plate Technology, DeltaFxTM provides a non-contact application system that is easy to use and maintain. DeltaFxTM applicators work with many types of hot melt adhesives, including PUR Hot Melts, and are an excellent choice when speed, versatility and durability are required.


  • Consistent coat weight application eliminates ridges and valleys common when using swirl applicators.
  • Random fiber patterns use less adhesive than spiral spray and maintain or improve bond strength.
  • Adhesive pattern widths can be easily adjusted by adjusting the distance between the head and substrate.
  • Minimizes clean-up and reduces downtime.
Operating temperature range40 °C to 200 °C (100 °F to 400 °F)
Warm-Up time15 min. (cold start)
Wattage manifold450 W
Application air pressure range0.8 - 1.5 bar (12-22 psi)
Typical air flow per nozzle2,500 (nl/h) (1.5 SCFM)
Application width per nozzleUp to 305 mm (12 in)
Wattage air heater600 W
Height261 mm (10.28 in)
Depth146.3 mm (5.76 in)
Width50 mm (1.97 in)

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