Dynamelt™ S Series

Adhesives Melters, Lov Volume Melters

The Dynamelt S Series adhesive supply unit features a modular design that makes it simple to install, operate and maintain. Its unique design and performace features set it apart from the competition, minimizing downtime and offering greater flexibility.


A compact footprint, ergonomic design, and corner mounted hose connections make this the most versatile, user-friendly melter on the market today.


Melt-On-Demand technology, 15 times more filtration area and isolated electronics make this one of the most reliable melters on the market today.


A lock-out-tag-out main power switch, insulated manifold cover and “finger-safe” electronics maintain safety during both production and maintenance.


DynameltTM SR defines a new standard of innovation in the industry. With intuitive controls and a modular design that make
it simple to install, operate and maintain, the DynameltTM SR is the go-to choice for manufacturers worldwide. Designed
to be used in conjunction with the Dynatec family of equipment for maximum efficiency and performance, this virtually
“invisible” system will remain in sight but out of mind in your facility. It consumes 20% less energy and significantly less air
than similar units while advanced diagnostics, quick-change components and a larger filtration surface significantly reduce
maintenance cycles and required labor.


• Intuitive, easy to read display is repositionable to front or
side of unit and shows all system parameters at a glance.
• Consumes up to 20% less energy and significantly less air
than similar competitive units, reducing operating costs.
• New Nano ceramic hopper coating is 5 times more
durable than competitive PTFE coatings to withstand wear.
• Replace modular electronics, filters and pumps easily with
new simplified prodecures.


• Analog or digital pressure gauge
• Adhesive Low Level Sensor
• Tethered pendant controller display
• 480 VAC transformer
• Drop-in heating grid (S10 only)
• Ethernet module


Adhesive degradation is recognized as the number one cause of downtime on hot melt equipment. To address this problem, ITW Dynatec has patented a “Melt-On-De-Mand” system. ITW Dynatec’s vertical, unheated hop-pers only melt the amount of adhesive required by the application. Most of the hot melt adhesive in the hopper remains at a much lower temperature, perhaps even solid state. The added benefi ts of melting only the ad-hesive required are quicker start-ups, reduced energy costs, better viscosity control, and reduced fumes.

Technical Data

Hopper Capacity*5 kg(10 lbs)10 kg(22 lbs)
Wejght59 kg(129 lbs)63 kg(138 lbs)
Operating temperature range10° to 218°C (50° to 425°F)
Viscosity range500 to 50,000 mPas/cps
Melt rate **10kg/h (23 lbs/h).10kg/h (23 lbs/h) w. heating grid = 15 kg/h (34 lbs/h)
Gear pump sizes 1,5 / 3,2 / 4,5ccm/rev
Piston pump rate 0.91kg/min (2 lbs/min)
Piston pump compression ratio 12:1
Hose/Head output zones 2, 4 or 6
Max. working hydraulic pressure 68 bar (1 000 psi)
Supply voltage setup 1 200-240VAC, 1Ph, ∆ 50/60Hz, 200-240VAC, 3Ph ∆ 50/60Hz
Supply voltage setup 2 2240/400VAC 3Ph Y 50/60Hz
Height 533 mm (20.96 in 661 mm (26 in)
Depth 427 mm (16.8 in) 427 mm (16.8 in)
Width 655 mm (25.79 in) 655 mm (25.79 in)
* No optional grid mounted, ** Melt rates vary with adhesive type

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