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LACOM is worldwide known for its excellent laminating and coating machines. We work together with high quality partners, who share our standard of quality and guarantee full functionality of our machines. Our tailor made machine systems offer you the maximum out of flexibility, quality and efficiency.


We design machines for various industries and applications. Our technology guarantees you a perfect product, which fulfils all your technical and commercial needs.

With our products we lead and define the benchmark and the state of the art in the laminating and coating technology.

LACOM GmbH belongs to the growing medium-sized German Kiener Group which is worldwide known for its competence in laminating and coating machines as well as for robot-based processing solutions.

We are a recognized business partner in the international premium car segment for automotive manufacturers and suppliers. LACOM is not only focusing on great efficiency but also on high flexibility, reliability and durability for its machines and plant concepts in different industries and application areas. Furthermore, sustainability and cost-effectiveness of the processes and the careful handling of natural and human resources are very important factors which enable offering customized solutions for our clients. We work together with high quality partners who share our standards as well as our passion and guarantee full functionality of our machines.

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LACOM Evolution

As one of the leading manufacturer of laminating and coating machines our technologies and innovations have been the driving factors to success. The slot die application head, the Gravur-roller technique as well as the multi-roller technology are just some examples for the development of future oriented ideas. The Multi-Purpose System is the most innovative and state of the art technology ever seen in laminating and coating. Our orientation is always our customer and the market. They are the key factors for a steady development of new innovative ideas.

The LACOM Technical Centre is one of the most important and most qualified centres for excellence in laminating and coating technology worldwide. We offer our customers endless possibilities to test new materials as well as new processes and validate them for mass production. Regardless of the complexity of your demand, LACOM is the perfect partner. Our experts support you with every aspect of processing and treating new materials as well as developing completely new processing technologies for highly complex products. The team at the LACOM technical centre helps you developing a production ready solution from scratch.

Our technical centre is in close cooperation with experts from the fields of chemistry, research and development and industry to provide quick and safe solutions. This is the reason why we take part in different research programs for a variety of applications like multifunctional textiles and new developments for electronic components and packaging solutions. Our team of experts offers a high density of competencies in mechanical engineering, processing technology and chemistry, which enables us to set new trends and validate new developments for production. Our customers profit from this know-how in any aspect of their cooperation with LACOM.

One of the most important tasks of the research and development department of LACOM is the elaboration of ready-for-implement solutions. These solutions cover the validation of machine, application and drive technology as well as the chemical component together with additional substrates to provide our customer a quick and safe entrance to their desired applications. With this practice we are able to reduce the financial and personnel requirements for research and development to a minimum. We provide these solutions for every field of the LACOM portfolio, always in line with regional standards and norms of the specific industry, to guarantee an immediate start of production.

Multi-functional laminating and coating pilot plant

Application heads
• slot-die
• plain roller
• gravure roller

Variety of processing techniques
• laminating
• coating
• bonding
• finishing

Drying and condensation line

Flexible material guiding

Handling of rolled goods and format

Adhesive and coating medias
• thermoplastic hotmelts
• moister curing and UV-linking reactive hotmelts
• solvent based adhesive and coating medias
• aqueous

Measuring and testing equipment on request

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