Fematech Bag Pur Bagmelters

Dynamic HT has officially become a distributor of Fe-Ma_Tech brand in Poland. In our offer you can find 20 kg and 2 kg maschines.

20 kg PUR Bagmelter:

• Tank size for all commercially available polyurethane bag containers in sizes 18-20kg
• High melting capacity
• Remote diagnostics (error message via the Internet)
• Acoustic and optical signal for the bag exchange.
• Electronic level monitoring, IS – setpoint comparison, temperature reduction, weekly timer, sensor control PT 100
• Heating current
• Optional with 3 hose connectionssembly on your machine possible. Normally, about 3 hours including installiont
• Acoustic and optical signal for the bag exchange.

2kg PUR bagmelter

• PUR Hotmelt is not packed out of the aluminium bag, just an opening at the bottom of the bag is required.
• A pneumatical cylinder presses the aluminium bag against a sealing washer and so protects the adhesive against air moisture.
• No protective gas admission of the tank is required.
• Feed rate infinitely variable via control dial at the frequency converter or 0-10V input for exact adaptation of the pumping rotation speed.
• Electronic fill-level monitoring, actual value – setpoint value comparison, temperature drop, weekly timer, sensor control PT 100 or NI 120.
• The PUR adhesive is pressed into the coating devices (IMA , Homag, etc.) via a FE-MA-TECH. hot-melt adhesive hose and sealed at the cover of the coating device by means of a valve.
• Thanks to the completely air-proof system the device is not required to be maintained as often as devices of other manufacturers.
• Usually, a very fast assemply at your machine is possible, usually about three hours inclusive of instructions..

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