The new range of Idealtech Screw Extruders are the most suitable systems for melting adhesives that are generally complex to be processed by the usual melting tank systems. ID Extruders are particularly suitable for processing high quantities of polyamide, polyester and polyolefine. The melting of the product is always homogeneous and constant thanks to the special geometry of the extruder screw

Extruder Line 

Using an extruder is especially advisable for applications requiring high melting rate and where are used
adhesives tending to oxidize whether maintained at high temperatures for a long time. Thanks to the extruder’s
working, the adhesive oxidation process is stopped: the special shape of the extruding screw enables
the return of air into the hopper as soon as the adhesive’s melting and compression phase is starting. The
operating temperatures are included between 60 and 300°C; the heating zones are controlled by means
of PID digital heat regulators

Main Technical Details:

  • Temperatures control by means of P.I.D. digital heat regulators.
  • A simple setting up of the system’s functions by means of a 5,7″ touch screen operator panel.
  • Handling of analogical Input/Output through Siemens PLC.
  • Pump with automatic control of basis weight.
  • Melting rate from 120° C to a 300° C.
  • Viscosity of the products from 5.000 to 500.000 mPas.
Options :
  • Melting rate from 60 to 3000 kg/h
  • AC Motor drive asynchronous 3-phases, servo-ventilated, started up by means of vector inverter
  • Gear Motor triple reduction, with duty helical gear, thrust housing bearings, provided with a pressurized water cooled lubrification system
  • CCooling system through a forced water circulation chiller
  • Extrusion screw manufactured with nitrided steel 41 CRALMO7 NITR (1050 HVC)
  • Stainless steel feeding box manufactured in AISI 304 steel, equipped with adhesive level sensor and “Granulate Shaker Set” (optional)




  • Digital Pressure Regulator
  • P.I.D. modular temperature contro
  • PLC and touch screen operator panel
  • Dosing pump station for direct feeding of the coating heads and automatic control of the basis weight. The station includes 1 or more gear pumps with Brushless motors and variable pump rate in relation to the customer’s requirements
Part numberDescriptionMotor Power
ID - EXT - 60Extruder System, melting rate 60 Kg/h with thermal plastic adhesive7,5 Kw
ID - EXT - 80Extruder System, melting rate 80 kg/h with thermal plastic adhesive9,5 Kw
ID - EXT - 140Extruder System, melting rate 140 kg/h with thermal plastic adhesive15 Kw
ID - EXT - 200Extruder System, melting rate 200 kg/h with thermal plastic adhesive22 Kw
ID - EXT - 400Extruder System, melting rate 400 kg/h with thermal plastic adhesive45 Kw
ID - EXT - 600Extruder System, melting rate 600 kg/h with thermal plastic adhesive80 Kw
ID - EXT - 1000Extruder System, melting rate 1000 kg/h with thermal plastic adhesive132 Kw
ID - EXT - 1500Extruder System, melting rate 1500 kg/h with thermal plastic adhesive200 Kw
ID - EXT - 3000Extruder System, melting rate 3000 kg/h with thermal plastic adhesive250 Kw

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