Dynamelt™ M Series

Adhesives Melters

DynameltM offers the highest accuracy and flexibility for a wide range of different applications, like those in the automotive, disposable hygiene product, tap e and label and filter industry.

DynameltM Adhesive Supply Unit

The DynameltM hot melt adhesive supply units are PLC-based and provide accurate, proportionate temperature control for the hopper, hoses and applicators. The M Series units are available in three cabinet sizes and offer four hopper sizes. Temperature set points are operator-selected for all zones. Melt-on-Demand: ITW Dynatec’s patented vertical, unheated hoppers only melt the amount of adhesive required by the application. Most of the adhesive in the hopper remains at a much lower temperature, even in a solid state. Melting only the amount of adhesive required means faster start-ups, lower energy costs, better viscosity control, and reduced fumes.


Up to eight precision gear pumps per unit achieve ±2 % output accuracy in either single or dual output design.


Additional melt grids, gear pumps, and hoppers can be added to meet application needs.


Patented melt grids pre-melt the adhesive, gradually increasing the temperature to prevent adhesive degradation and energy loss.


    • Melts only the adhesive demanded for the application.
    • Four hopper sizes available in single configurations, dual hoppers available in M70 and M210.
    • Additional melt grids can be added to meet additional adhesive volume requirements.
    • Durable precision gear pumps.


  • Multi-lingual display capabilities.
  • Available PLC systems include DynaControl™, Allen Bradley, Siemens, etc.
Hopper Capacity *35 kg (75 lbs)70 kg (155 lbs)140 kg (310 lbs)210kg (460 lbs)
Operating temperature range40 ° to 232 °C (100 ° to 450 °F)
Viscosity range500 to 50.000 cps
Melt rate **18-65 kg/hr (40-143 lb/hr)27-95 kg/hr (59-209 lb/hr)34-115 kg/hr (75-253 lb/hr)45-145 kg/hr (99-319 lb/hr)
Gear pump sizes0.15 - 45 ccm/rev
Number of gear pump per unit1-21-41-41-6
Hose/Head output zones1-41-81-81-12
Aux putput zones1-41-81-81-12
Max. working hydr. pressure69 bar (1,000 psi)
Supply voltage setup 1200-240 VAC 3Ph 50/60 Hz
Supply voltage setup 2380 V AC 3Ph Y 50/60 H z
Total Amp draw50 A, 240 V, 3 Ph100 A, 240 V, 3 Ph100 A, 240 V, 3 Ph150 A, 240 V, 3 Ph
Height1,350 mm (53 in)1,680 mm (66 in)1,680 mm (66 in)1,680 mm (66 in)
Depth880 mm (34.6 in)11,300 mm (51.2 in)1,300 mm (51. 2in)1,300 mm (51.2 in)
Width600 mm (23.5 in)850 mm (33.5 in)850 mm (33.5 in)1,180 mm (46.5 in)
* No optional grid mounted, ** Melt rates vary with adhesive type

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