Dynamelt™ D Series

Adhesives melters, Low Volume Melters
Reduce downtime safely and effectively with the DynameltTM D Melt-on-Demand Hopper for quicker start-ups, reduced energy costs, better viscosity control, reduced fumes and reduced maintenance.
DynameltTM D Series Adhesive Supply Unit
Dynamelt D Series is available in four hopper sizes and with a choice of dual or single gear pumps. The ASU uses
a microprocessor temperature control to closely control the temperature of hot melt adhesive for up to eight hose
standard and precision metered outputs.


• Up to four drives/four gear pumps permit up to eight
metered outputs.
• Standard or precision metered outputs available.
• User friendly LCD or touchscreen controls with
multi-lingual display that includes Chinese.
• DynacontrolTM P.I. digital temperature controller with
platinum sensor accuracy.
• Ten combinations of hopper sizes and melt rate selections.


• High accuracy gear pumps
• Adhesive low level indicator
• Digital RPM readouts
• KBSI signal isolator
• Ethernet communications
• Analog or digital adhesive pressure indicator
• Pendant control
• Aux/Temperature zone

Technical Data

Hopper Capacity *25kg (55lbs)445kg (100lbs)50kg (110lbs)90kg (200lbs)
Operating temperature range338° to 218°C (100° to 425°F)
Viscosity range (reduced melt-rate)11,000 to 50,000 cps (50,000 to 100,000 cps)
Melt rate **23kg/hr (50lbs/hr)46 kg/hr (100 lbs/hr)
Melt rate with optional grid **41 kg/hr (90 lbs/hr)82 kg/hr (180 lbs/hr)
Melt rate with 2 optional grids **-59 kg/hr (130 lbs/hr)-118 kg/hr (260 lbs/hr)
Gear pump sizes1.5 / 3.2 / 4.5 ccm/rev
Number of gear pump per unit1–21–4
Hose/Head output zones2–62–8
Max. working hydraulic pressured68 bar (1000 psi)
Supply voltage setup 1200-240 VAC 3Ph 50/60Hz
Supply voltage setup 2380-400 VAC 3Ph Y 50/60Hz
Operator InterfaceIcon-based KeypadKeypad w/ LCD
Maximum Wattage24,200W26,700W48,400W53,400W
Height1330 mm (52.4 in)1330 mm (52.4 in)
Depth975 mm (38 in)975 mm (38 in)
Width520 mm (20.5 in)1040 mm (41 in)
* No optional grid mounted, ** Melt rates vary with adhesive type

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