Drum Line

The Idealtech Drum Un-loaders have been designed for melting and dosing different kind of adhesives, like hot melt EVA, Pressure Sensitive, Polyamide and Polyurethane. A precise temperature control system is able to control and regulate separately each heating zone: the melting loader, the pump, the heated hoses and the automatic/ manual guns. The standard version of the product can run N. 4 external heating zones, extensible to N. 8 ones.

Drum Line

The Drum line is the best solution for processing high quantities of hot melt, particular sealants or PUR-hot
melt. Moreover, in case of PUR, the closure of the melting loader and the air discharge system enable to
preserve the adhesive from undesired filaments, caused by the contact with air humidity

The gear pumps ensure a precise dosage of the adhesive. The choice of the pump depends on the supply
capacity desired, so as the viscosity of the product used.

The sealing gasket can endure temperatures above 200° C. The doublegasket
system guarantees a perfect adherence to the internal drum’s surface.

It’s possible to run the machine’s functions directly from the touch screen
operator panel, such as:
– Temperature handling
– Control of pump’s speed
– Switching on /off the system

The level of the drum and possible failures/anomalies are automatically

The choice of the melting plate depends on the product type to be melted and on the melting rate required
by the processing. The Drum melting system can be equipped with:

Flat plate

characterized by an easy
and rapid cleaning,
suitable for low melting
and PUR adhesives.


thanks to the wider surface of contact, it’s suitable for high melting adhesives.
Recommended for adhesives with low fluidity and adhesives which require high

The Drum Line can be predisposed on request for Tandem Work of two systems, avoiding production
downtime due to the change of the drum
CodeMelting RatePump RateType of Melting DrumN° of pumps
DR - 20 - L1Max melting 8 - 10 kg/h*38 kg/hFlat1
DR - 20 - A1Max melting 10 - 12 kg/h*48 kg/hRibbed1
DR - 200 - L1Max melting 40 - 50 kg/h*144 kg/hFlat1
DR - 200 - L2Max melting 40 - 50 kg/h*96 kg/hFlat2
DR - 200 - A1Max melting 70 - 80 kg/h*144 kg/hRibbed1
DR - 200 - A2Max melting 70 - 80 kg/h*144 kg/hRibbed2
DR - 200 - AH1Max melting 100 - 120 kg/h*192 kg/hFinned1
DR - 200 - AH2Max melting 100 - 120 kg/h* *192 kg/h Finned2

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