UFD® Brand

Glue Applications

UFD® Brand is the most precise adhesive applicator for size and placement of multiple fiber size patterns in the industry. ITW Dynatec invented Laminated Plate Technology, which is used in all ITW Dynatec UFD® nozzles and is the most effective way to Apply fiberized adhesive.


Industry-trusted pneumatic operation ensures precise adhesive placement, accurate coat weights and is not line-speed limited.


Single screw nozzle mount allows for quick nozzle replacement.


All stainless steel nozzle construction and internally filtered heated air give longer service life.

UFD® Brand Fiberized Spray Applicator

UFD® Brand fiberized spray applicators provide exceptional value and adhesive savings when compared to spiral spray and other traditional applicator heads. With ITW Dynatec’s patented UFD® OmegaTM and random fiber patterns, UFD® Brand applicator heads provide up to 50% adhesive savings by using much less glue while maintaining, if not improving, bond strength.


  • Patented OmegaTM and random fiber patterns use less adhesive and maintain or improve bond strength.
  • Consistent coat weight application eliminates ridges and valleys common when using swirl applicators.
  • Continuous pattern edge accuracy of ±2 millimeter, depending on the adhesive.
  • Line-speed tracking and consistent coat weights regardless of variances of web-speed.
  • Web width pattern changes without interruption when utilizing multiple solenoid inputs.
  • Vast range of coat-weight capabilities.
  • Patterns are not line-speed limited.

Omega Pattern

Random Fiber Pattern

SystemUFD 050UFD 075UFD 100UFD 150
Number of modules1 or 2346
Operating temperature range38–218°C
Viscosity range100–30 000 mPas/cps
Warm-Up time15 min (zimny start), 5 min (wymiana modułu)
Pneumatic pressure range to solenoid4,1–6,9 bar (60–100 psi)
Supply voltage setup200–240 V, 1 faza, 50–60 Hz
Process air pressure range0–2,7 bar (0–40 psi)
Height261 mm (10,28")
Depth146,3 mm (5,76")
Width50 mm (1,97")75 mm (2,95")100 mm (3,94")150 mm (5,91")

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