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APEXTM high speed slot die applicator is the economic choice for high
speed intermittent applications, offering manufacturers the best value
in today’s industry. Perfect for narrow web, contact coatings.

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Reversible filter block allows for a variety of supply hose connections and configurations.


High-accuracy platinum sensors for accurate temperature control.


Channels are optimized for the cleanest adhesive cutoff in the industry.

ApexTM High Speed Intermittent Slot Die

ITW Dynatec’s APEXTM High Speed Intermittent Slot Die not only outperforms others in its class but also costs less, giving
you the best value available in the industry today. Two factors that every hot melt operation wants to keep in check are
product and adhesive waste. APEXTM offers a solution with its crisp, clean adhesive cutoff that the competition just can’t
match. Our design features reverse-acting modules and optimized channels tailored to specific patterns that achieve the
performance you only get from ITW Dynatec. Real-world tested with a wide range of adhesives and substrates, the APEXTM
has been shown to minimize both adhesive and product waste, saving our customers money every day.

Technical Data

Operating temperature range 38 °C to 200 °C (100° to 390 °F)
Viscosity range 100 to 20.000 mPas/cps
Min. Off cycle time 3 ms
Min. On cycle time 3 ms
Pneumatic pressure range to solenoid 5 to 9 bar (74 to 125 psi)
Supply voltage setup 230V 1Ph 50/60Hz
Adhesive pressure range 7 to 68 bar (100 to 1000 psi)
Mounting interface M8
Max. application width 460 mm (18.11 in)
Height 241 mm (9.508 in))
Depth 156 mm (6.113 in)
Width 50-510 mm (1.97-20 in)

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