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Our offer includes only proven adhesive melters made according to the highest standards and norms. Professional products such as ITW Dynatec guarantee reliability and applicability in various types of applications.

It is worth adding that all adhesive melters available in our assortment have all certificates and approvals, thanks to which working with them is completely safe for personnel. Both the tank and barrel systems, and extruders are offered in many variants, so each customer can find a model perfectly suited to the specifics of their business.

Low Volume Melters

 Dynamelt™ S Series -  Adhesive supply unit features a modular design that makes it simple to install, operate and maintain. Dynamelt™ D Series - Melt on demand hopper for quicker start-ups, reduces energy costs, better viscosity control, reduced fumes and reduced...

High Volume Melters

Dynamelt™ M offers the highest accuracy and flexibility for a wide range of different app lications, like those in the au tomotive, disposable hygiene produ ct, tap e and label and filter industry.Dynamic HT specializes in the area of hot melt adhesives and machines...

Fematech Bag Pur Bagmelters

Dynamic HT has officially become a distributor of Fe-Ma_Tech brand in Poland. In our offer you can find 20 kg and 2 kg maschines. 20 kg PUR Bagmelter: • Tank size for all commercially available polyurethane bag containers in sizes 18-20kg • High melting capacity •...

Extruder line

The new range of Idealtech Screw Extruders are the most suitable systems for melting adhesives that are generally complex to be processed by the usual melting tank systems. ID Extruders are particularly suitable for processing high quantities of polyamide, polyester...

Drum Line

The Idealtech Drum Un-loaders have been designed for melting and dosing different kind of adhesives, like hot melt EVA, Pressure Sensitive, Polyamide and Polyurethane. A precise temperature control system is able to control and regulate separately each heating zone:...

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