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Equity CTM is an economic contact slot die applicator, applying narrow web, continuous adhesive films. This durable and effective system offers manufacturers the best value in its class. Perfect for medium width, contact coatings.

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Separate glue input for each modular section or one common glue input for entire applicator.


Various application widths available with replaceable shims for easy pattern adjustment.


The most accurate cross-web adhesive distributio in its class.

EQUITY CTM Continuous Slot Die Applicator

The EQUITYTM Continuous Slot Die is a reliable and long-lasting applicator with many money-saving features, making it the
best value available in it’s class today. Along with durability comes the accuracy of ±10% cross web adhesive distribution.
ITW Dynatec’s Easy-Cut Shim system was designed for flexibility with our customers in mind. Available in solid brass or
stainless steel, our shims are perforated to cut easily for an exact fit. Shims are offered in standard .15 mm thickness as well
as .20, .30, .40 and .50 mm thickness. While our easy-cut shims are ideal for simple pattern applications, they can also be
customized to specific, more complex patterns without perforations to fit your needs.


  • Modular sections permit width expansion in 50 mm increments
  • Flexible adhesive pattern for full coating, strip or multi-line
  • Exceptional cross web adhesive distribution of ±10 %
  • Reduced product change-over time due to quick change nozzle
  • Reversible filter block with multi-port entry
  • Fast pattern adjustments with easy-cut shims

Technical Data

Operating temperature range38°C to 200°C (100°F to 390°F)
Viscosity range100 to 40,000 mPas/cps
Warm-Up time20min. (Cold start), 1min. (Module change only)
Pneumatic pressure range to solenoid5 to 9bar (74 to 125psi)
Supply voltage setup200-240 V 1Phase 50-60 Hz
Adhesive pressure range7 to 68bar (100 to 1000psi)
Mounting interfaceM8
Max. application width [mm]900mm (35.43in)
Shim thickness standard [mm]0,15mm (0.006in)
Height335mm (13.19in)
Depth150mm (5.9in)
Width130-930mm (5.1-36.6 in)

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